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The research and development of MgS04 Recovery Products shows when used with ice. It lowers the temperature of
​ice 3 degrees below freezing. It also aids in starting the healing process unlike any other product in sports medicine. 
MgS04 Products are most effective when used immediately after injury occurs or before any activity to prevent tissue 
​break down. MgS04 products aid in constricting the blood vessels and prevents tissue from further break down. The addition of pure CBD into all of our formulations has proven effective in the reduction of pain. 

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MgS04 Soft Tissue & Muscle Restoration Products

​​​​MgSO4 Gel and Wrap
•    Shake MgS04 product well, spray inflamed area.
•    Wrap area with ace bandage for compression.
(This method provides a combination of product and compression to the point of injury.)