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DIRECTIONS FOR USE  MgS04 Spray and Wrap
•    Shake MgS04 product well, spray inflamed area.
•    Wrap area with ace bandage for compression.
(This method provides a combination of product and compression to the point of injury.)
MgS04 Ice Cup Massage
•    Ice massage: pour 2oz of MgSO4 crystals into a 4oz cup.
•    Freeze and use as ice massage on specific points of injury.

MgS04 Gel and Cream Massage
•    Always shake MgSO4 spray well each time before spraying.
•    Pump sprayer 3 times and then massage until area is dry.
•    Repeat process 2 more times.
•    Finish with our MgSO4 anti-inflammatory massage cream .
(Amount of product used depends on degree of inflammation and/or bruising).

MgS04 Therapeutic Soak
•    If there’s a whirlpool available dissolve 4 - 16oz of crystal and soak for 30 minutes.

MgS04 Soft Tissue & Muscle Restoration Products

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General Information
MgSO4 is transdermal, in that it is capable of penetrating all layers of the skin and sub-layers of the skin to enter the bloodstream. This bioavailability or ‘direct delivery system’ is what makes MgSO4 so capable of reducing and eliminating inflammation and swelling in the body.